Friday, January 18, 2002

Dido forced out of Best Female Newcomer category at Brits. Unclear which word she was disqualified on.

BBC RADIO RESHUFFLE: The BBC launch Five Live Plus in March. What's that got to do with music? Not much, except that in its wake will come Network X and Network Y, two new music stations. X will be an urban station (as in Artie's phrase from Larry Sanders, "Lenny Kravitz is only half urban"), while Y will be an archive station. This raises a major question: namely, where's the BBC going to put Evening Session type music in the future? Assuming Radio One continues to be mainly chart and pop led (I know they say they support new music first, but anything that's not mainstream gets shunted further and further into the schedules - its no coincidence that Peel is now back in the slot he occupied during the days of the Bierling regime, and Kershaw's been shoved so far down he's popped out onto Radio 3), and 2 is aimed at the swathe of people between "slippers are quite comfortable" and "did he have a favourite suit, madam?", there doesn't seem to be an outlet for guitarry, rocky, type music. This would be curious anyway, but with the massive interest (be it ever so slack jawed) in loud, shouting, back to front baseball cap tunes, it seems to be missing out a whole subsection of youthage. Unless the idea is to more or less banish R&B and garage from most of Radio 1's output, but that hardly seems a wise move either artistically or politically - not many So Solid Crew fans with three hundred quid DAB machines yet, I'd guess...

JACKDAW TAKES SOME LOOKING AFTER: Cerys' new song-from-kids-TV-show is up online, at the Radio One Session In Wales site, in both local and British languages. Quite long for a theme for what we'd assumed was going to be a Paddington-length piece, its bright and jolly and a million times better for the lack of Tom Jones on it.
English version
Welsh version

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

TAKE HIVE: The Hives currently leading the Amazon hour-by-hour chart, which sort-of-suggests that this year is getting off to a start a bit like the last one ended - 2002 some sort of perhaps-rock year, then. Elsewhere, a reviewer of Dido's No Angel reports the music "bewilderded" them. "Perfect for revising to" enthuses the chap from Cardiff - and who could fail to be proud that their music makes the ideal backdrop for forcing the map of the periodic table into your cranial gaps?

YOU THINK WE'RE OUT-OF-DATE?: NME currently offering tickets to last year's cancelled Catatonia gig. Meanwhile, Cerys has returned to live performance, singing for a BBC Wales Max Boyce St David's Day special. I know that Welsh artists get pissed off with sly leek-pun headlines, but is it any wonder that they get that sort of thing when they do things like this?