Thursday, February 14, 2002

BIZKIT BITES AGAIN: How many times must Limp Bizkit fans have the "kick me hard" sign hung round their necks before they go out and get some new heroes? As if that whole unfortunate Australian death incident (where it came out in the inquest that the band had lied about visiting the crushed fan while she was in hospital) wasn't bad enough, now they're ripping off their fans in a way even more direct than the usual shitty two CD tricks, or 'special edition albums.
Wes Boland having gone to do something more useful with his time, the band have been running this massive, Hear'Say style 'Put your money where your guitar is' audition for a replacement. Except it makes the Hear'say "oh, fancy you winning" affair seem like a piece of honest square dealing. Fans turn up, queue for ages, then are forced to play totally new pieces of music, the copyright in which they are forced to assign to the Bizkit. Having written the new album for the band - and, lets face it, at least it won't be any worse than Chocolate Starfish And Look Daddy I Did A Poo - it then turns out that the band might not even bother replacing Boland at all. Nice. 'Course, next time they should charge people five bucks for trying out.
Durst, of course, denies that the farrago is anything more than "haters" with a bitter aftertaste. The "three page" contract is nothing more than a "image release" for MTV, and then he says "Fuck you, haters, better yourself" about sixteen times.
And your daddy did do a big guff - Fred responds to "every piece-of-shit talking shit and ever hater talking shit" by writing on his website...
Disgruntled fan, probably now a piece of shit, or a hater - still, at least they didn't play for you...
Management admit band "might not:" replace Boland - what do you call a competition without a prize?