Wednesday, October 17, 2001

AMAZON IF YOU LIKE... YOU MAY LIKE...: Interestingly, according to amazon, people who buy Andrew WK have also bought The White Stripes. So, that'd be people who really do what the nme tells them.

ELLIS-BEXTOR FANS FIGHT "WANK" SLUR: Is asking Sophie E-B if she frigs herself really disrespecting her? And is it that perverted? Some of her fans seem to think so:
That 'Do you Frik Yourself thread in full - having fun at a pop star's expense? That's so wrong.

WK - TROJAN HORSE: While doing this week's pop press review (goes out live on bothsidesnow on a Wednesday, and I'll probably get round to archiving it someday on the site) it started to become clearer and clearer that Andrew WK is nothing more than a right-winger dressed up as a rocker - hard working, disciplined, using the language of the military and vaguely Christian iconography and pro-life asides. Thats why the record sounds like its designed to be played at American Football matches to Bud-drinking masses. Because it is. The PMRC has finally twigged it - if you want to defeat your enemy, sing his song. The jocks are in ascendency, and the nme is helping them.

THINGS IN MUSIC I HATE: Number One: How much do I hate people who call "entry fee" or "ticket price" "door tax." It's not door tax, is it? It's an entry fee, for which you get to go in. A simple purchase. Tax implies its being imposed, which of course it fucking well isn't. If you don't want to go in, you don't pay it.

Oh, and unless you live in a country where the currency is the dollar, putting "Door Tax $2" or whatever makes you look a shabby, car-coat wearing twatty shyster.