Wednesday, December 12, 2001

BLOW-UP: In a way, you could almost feel sorry for The Coup, who would have remained a fairly obscure hip hop band were it not for the accident of history that saw their Party Music album have an image of them blowing up the World Trade Centre slated for release in September. Suddenly, they find themselves having to try and explain away a dumbcool exploding image with some sort of coherent political stance. For its review of 2001, the NME gives them the chance. They speak to Boots, and apparently he's suing a British newspaper for claiming he has links with Muslim fundamentalists. Well, yes, that's fair enough But just listen to the flip-flop of a half-eaten thought that passes for the politics of the Coup: "We do support violent revolution but the point is here is that there has always been a difference between a revolution by the people, which takes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people to do, and a terrorist act, which is completely different. If you look at the writings of Lenin and Mao, they're always against terrorist acts." [NB: this is wrong, anyway - see Lenin's words and Mao's , for example] This comes after Boots has condemned the bombing of Kabul. But hang about... if terrorism is okay when it's got the support of large numbers of people, then shouldn't the US bombing of Afghanistan be okay, then? Or Israeli attacks on... come back...

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