Thursday, March 21, 2002

NOT QUITE AS CHARMING: The London Evening Standard is reporting that Isaac "son of Bryan" Ferry has been suspended from Eton:
"The son of rock star Bryan Ferry has been suspended from Eton after sending a hate mail to an anti-hunting campaigner.
Keen huntsman Isaac Ferry, 16, fired off an offensive message to Simon Wild, who runs a wildlife rescue service and badger protection group.
It read: "You are a f***ing looser [sic]. Why don't you stop waisting [sic] your time and get a real job/hobby,you c***?"
Mr Wild, of West Sussex Wildlife Protection Group, lodged complaints with the police and Eton, w here fees are £18,000 a year. He said: "The email was very upsetting both to me and my family."
A spokesman for Isaac's father, Roxy Music frontman Bryan, said: "I can confirm that Isaac has been suspended from Eton." Teachers at Eton were said to be "deeply shocked" by the incident."

So they should be - you pay all that money for an education and that's the quality of the hate mail they come up with? Jesus. Of course, the closest thing that Isaac Hayes has to a real job is fannying about on a catwalk, and his hobby consists of ripping up animals, so it's not like he's a spoiled wanker or anything, is it?

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