Tuesday, April 16, 2002

WE NAME THE SPAMBANDS: Of course, nobody minds over-enthusiastic bands getting a bit carried away and wedging internet communities with material praising themselves under the guise of independent reaction, but when they keep doing it, it gets a bit much, and so we're going to start to name and shame the bands who appear to be the worst offenders. Gorrilaz, surpisingly, are number one on this list, as members of their street team have been routinely trying to spark interest in this one-shot gag band since the word "go", and possibly, "rillaz." Long term inhabitants of webspace will probably have seen the cute fake emails sent by sources close to the band to many egroups asking versions of "Has anyone heard about the new Damon Albarn band? Apparently its called Gorillaz or something...:; more recently we were looking at messages waiting to be approved for bothsidesnow and found a small slew of emails between two members discussing the merits of being on the cartoon act's promo side - all the apparently genuine "So, how did you get involved with that?" and "It was wicked - I signed up at [URL] and get all this cool stuff" were clearly false, because none of the messages had actually made it to the list yet. And yet these two members were somehow having a conversation. Curious.
Another bad SpamBand: Pole Position. We haven't heard you, and we won't. Now, go away.

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