Tuesday, June 18, 2002

BIZKIT INQUEST UPDATE: Well, explaining that he's been "so upset" its only now he's been able to talk about the young woman who got crushed to death at a Limp Bizkit set, Fred 'not so upset and keen to get to the bottom of it that he could actually be arsed to go to the inquest' Durst has made an interesting statement through video link: "We definitely said that if they did not fix security we would not play". So, either the Big Day Out Organisers had fixed security to their demands, or else - why did Bizkit play? And if Durst was so concerned about the security and organisation, why on earth have witnesses reported him goading the front of house crew even while they were trying to pull people from the crush? We look forward to finding out as the case continues.
Inquest report on dotmusic - lets hope he's more convincing in this video than the bit at the start of My Way or the Highway...

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