Tuesday, July 23, 2002

BEING FOR THE BENEFIT OF... WHO, PRECISELY? More convoluted developments over at neverland, with a Japanese label insisting that Sony are refusing to clear its artists for the mawkish September 11th 'tribute' Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and other totally sane members of society recorded before the corpses were cold. Possibly because the executive producer used to make gay porn, possibly because of the ongoing Jacko-Sony spat. Who knows? Maybe its because someone at Sony realised how bad it would look for a bunch of washed-up has-beens to try and draw attention to themselves on the back of an act of mass murder. Maybe someone noticed that whereas Band Aid provided financial support to the most wretched of a desperately poor country, the State and insurers in the US have done a pretty good deal of supporting the families of the victims already, and as such any charitable funds would be being badly misdirected?
BBC report - life imitates 'Rock The Blind'

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