Wednesday, July 03, 2002

DOESN'T MEAN WE LIKE YOU, MICK: Strange days when we find ourselves praising Mick Hucknall, but the feisty redhead has done the right thing by going to the House of Commons today to try and argue against the current legislation that makes it illegal for pubs to have live entertainment without copious licenses. If the 'two in a bar' rule gets knocked on the head, it'll free up pubs to enable them to offer a lot more hot band action (in theory) which sounds like it could only be a good thing to us. We're merely curious as to whether Mick was speaking with his musicians hat on, or his hotelier hat on. Just as long as he was wearing some sort of hat.
Mr. Hucknall Goes To Westminster [BBC] - "Please, don't do Holding Back The Years" begs committee

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