Friday, July 05, 2002

THE EX-MAN COMMETH: Here at XRRF, we tend to think Ex-Rental are a good thing, and so we're chilling a small bottle of Blue Nun to toast the news that they're heading into the studio to make their debut album. Of course, making a record out of nothing but smudged lipstick, a photo of the early human league, pixie dust and talent can involve late nights and early mornings; and since sean and lucy aren't prepared to set foot outside unless they can guarantee their make-up has been correctly applied and their peachy-little butts are free from VPL, they're going to be taking a break from live performance. You can catch their last outing before purdah at Lipgloss this coming Thursday, and if you value your life, you'll go.
Their website will probably have a flyer - keep your hands off Sean and Lucy, mind...

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