Tuesday, July 23, 2002

IS GARBAGE.COM THE NEW TWOINCHES?: Is it just us, or does the high bandwidth version of the Garbage website just trigger a never-ending cascade of blank windows? Which is a pity, because there's a wealth of good news now that Shirley Manson's online diary is back (it had been bought up by Q Magazine). First up, the band has written a couple of new songs - one called Sex Never Goes Out of Fashion - and, more importantly, Shirl is toying with returning to red:
Reasons to be blond:
I like it.
It makes me feel frivalous.
It suits me.
Reasons to be red:
Red means beautiful in russian.
It makes me feel empowered.
Everytime I see a red haired person,no matter who it is, I feel as though I recognise them and I'm desirous of their redness.

The official site - just make sure you choose Low Bandwidth

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