Saturday, July 27, 2002

NOW IT'S GETTING STUPID: Okay, Brit. Time to call an end to your dual status as Nation's Little Girl and America's Whore, because when you're writhing in underpants covered in a thin, clingy layer of sweat one minute; the next apologising for giving the paparazzi the finger (like a fifth grader caught doing a Liam impression), the duality ain't going to hold. Time for "I'm not a girl or a woman" is way over - either give us a Janet Jackson style "Now I'm all grown up" Control-era album statement, or take holy orders. If you need any help guessing which would be best, career-wise, ask yourself: How many Rolling Stone covers did Mother Theresa get?
By the way: No Rock and Roll Fun hotdamndigs the BeeGees - Shakira - Britney mix currently clocking up serious airtime on Kiss TV. Life's better without panpipes.

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