Saturday, July 27, 2002

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: Over on capitolgrilling, someone makes the fair point that our comment on the death of Entwistle wasn't caused by the coke, but by his heart, was akin to "It wasn't the fall which killed him, it was the hitting the ground." Though, really, we'd say the comparison would be more accurate to "it wasn't the tower that killed him, it was the falling off..." - sure, he maybe wouldn't have died if he hadn't taken the coke, but if it wasn't for the heart, he'd have been fine. I spose you could argue we're almost edging into a Charlton Heston "Its not guns that kill people" area of distinction; indeed, I'm surprised the Barbara Bush-whackers haven't already pointed out that if the coke he took swamped his heart, he technically had overdosed himself; but, regardless - it's nice to see some sort of official recognition that there is a level of drug usage that is generally safe. Even if it does make you as boring as fuck when you're on it.

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