Monday, July 01, 2002

TV TIMES: Perhaps the oddest new music TV station of all time has taken to the air in the form of Vibe TV - it may be just test broadcasts at this stage, but for the whole of this week its rotating the same four programmes about newcomer Alisse(?) over, and over, and over again. Since music TV is quite able to run tests with pop videos, we're assuming this might be the biggest act of vanity since that bloke booked the Royal Albert Hall for himself to play in.
Meanwhile, hats off to MTV Dance, which has found a smart new way to stop viewers flicking during commercials - Pong. Press red as soon as the ads start, and you can play Pong superimposed over the messages until the end of the break, whereupon the game pauses until the next natural. Now, if only they could find a way of keeping us from switching over during the godawful videos...

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