Friday, July 12, 2002

UM... MICHAEL?: Poor Al must be wishing he'd never invited Michael Jackson along to his racism in music debates. Not content with launching personal attacks that seem unsupportable, and certainly reeking of sour grapes, now he's blown his credibility totally by suggesting that people started to call him "weird" because he was successful. Michael, sit down. You were in the Jackson 5, yeah? You were successful. The world went cute. You sold 45 million copies of Thriller, and the world loved you. Then you started to wear a face mask. You had surgery that made your face look as if you'd given the surgeon a picture of the cake in McArthur Park and asked "Can you do me that?" You shared a bed with small children, and made allegations of child abuse disappear by writing cheques. You set up a household with a monkey and the daughter of Elvis Presley. You threatened to take action against radio stations which neglected to call you the King of Pop. And you made some terrible, terrible records. That was why people started to call you weird, mate. There is no level of underattainment where trying to buy the skeleton of John Merrick is going to be called anything other than weird as fuck...

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