Monday, August 12, 2002

ACTUALLY, HE DID MEAN SHIT TO ME: Chuck D has reversed his position on Elvis, saying that when he said he was a straight up racist sucker, simple and plain, he really meant that he had a lot of respect for Elvis. The curious thing, of course, is that D says his attack was more on the way that Elvis' status "made it like no-one else counted", which sort of makes us wonder why he's chosen to talk about how great Elvis is as part of a week where the world is going to be treating Elvis like some sort of Lard-consuming pope figure, adding to the general impression that Elvis is the only cultural icon that ever mattered. Oh - hang about - at the bottom of the article it says Public Enemy have got a new album out.
Expletives deleted, and then recanted [AP] - next week: Strummer stammers 'we didn't really mean no Elvis in '77' explanation

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