Monday, August 19, 2002

BEATEN: You might recall a while ago, there was a report about how scientists had played The Prodigy to mice who had, subsequently, died. It now turns out that there was more to this story than was originally reported. First, the mice weren't merely played Firestarter, but were given speed as well (a fact left out of most of the reports). More interestingly, the original coverage spoke of "Scientists from Cambridge University", but it was actually research done by Huntingdon Life Sciences, the company who have constantly been at the centre of allegations of dubious activities (this weekend it was buying up an MP to ask questions in Parliament). Finally, it turns out the research wasn't actually licensed, and so they've been bollocked by the Home Office.
"I want the Prodigy really loud" [Telegraph] - they were lucky it wasn't Achy Breaky Heart

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