Friday, August 09, 2002

BECKY BAMBOO - AT A GIG NEAR YOU: Erm... if you live in California, anyway...
man, I *hate* getting to a concert too early. especially since I don't drink or smoke.. I have nothing to do with my hands other than jot down catty notes in my little purple notebook about people and their (lack of) fashion sense. the black frames and short sleeved striped polo shirts were out in force... and dude - what is with the resurgence of the white boy fro? did I miss the memo on this?
anyways. the first band up was hudson river school. I'm not terribly good with genres. where does emo end and power pop begin? and what's wrong with just calling it rock? I don't understand. I like to simplify things by having 3 categories: crap, okay, and wow. HRS is squarely in the okay category. I wouldn't turn them off if they were on the radio and they could probably grow on me if given the chance, but there were no "wow" moments.. nothing that distinguishes them from the crowd.
deathray davies on the other hand, edged far enough towards "wow" to make me pay attention. I'll admit I was predisposed to like them because of the raves of some internet friends. that, and they had a theramin! that automatically raised their coolness factor by 12. scientific fact. cos theramins rock ass. they played loud and fast and looked like they were having fun. I bought 2 of their cds and have been seat dancing all day to them.
then came superdrag. again with the wow. I'll admit to not being the biggest superdrag fan - I only have 2 or 3 of their cds, but this performance definitely convinced me to pick up a couple more. they were very energetic and kept cracking jokes about emo and emo kids. (sam: "that's the part of the song where I usually breathe fire. but that's not very emo." john: "it is if you cry while you do it." snort.) they have great, catchy tunes and are a lot of fun live.

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