Tuesday, August 06, 2002

COMPUTERS CHOOSE MUSIC: At long last, someone's come up with a system which will take the human failing out of selecting music. You know when Helen says "Hey, Pete, you loved Elastica, didn't you? You should try Korn", and on the basis of this recommendation you buy a Korn album, and only find out six months later that Helen was either drunk, hated you, or else was on the Korn street team? Well, what the global network of dreams does is take the flesh and blood out of the process, leaving only the brain. You tell it three bands you like, it suggest someone you should like as well. Still early days - gnod seems convinced that my love of Miss Kittin means I should be going out and buying Sabres of Paradise - but it's a start. Plus, there's an extra feature which draws a schematic diagram of similar artists. And it'll do the same for books. No more choices, ever. Only suggestions. Men will be on Mars before the week's out.

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