Monday, August 19, 2002

CREAMSHAKES: With news of the police investigations into Cream making the national press now - the Guardian for example picking up on the alleged money-for-licence story, industry watchers will be interested to see that the nightclub operators have scampered to the High Court. the aim is to stop the Liverpool Echo from running any more stories about Cream - on the grounds that they might be about Cream as a whole rather than merely the guy involved in the convoluted Creamfields licence allegation. Curious. The Liverpool paper always had quite a close relationship with the superclub, but of late it's taken to running a lot of articles having a pop at them, such as a sudden discovery that the Millennium eve clean up bill was apparently dumped on the Council by Cream - could this really have taken 18 months to come to light? Curiouser and, of course, curiouser...

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