Tuesday, August 27, 2002

GEORGE, MAKE UP YOUR MIND: What's with George Michael, eh? According to Ananova , which read it in the Sun, he's pulled out of a deal to do a documentary for the BBC because of that My Worst Week recently which was about him being caught tweaking an undercover cop in a toilet. Now, forgive us if we're a bit off key here, but following that event, didn't George fly about the chat shows bearding people about his sexuality: telling everyone what a relief it had been, how happy he was that it was all out in public, and (continued in most Carry On movies, elsewhere). Then came Outside, which was The Secret Policeman's Balling set to music, complete with a video recreation. Even in Walk The Dog, there's animated references to the bog-brush with the law. So why, all of a sudden, has George gone quiet on the matter? Are we now not supposed to mention it? Does it not fit with your new freedom-fighting image?
George, you've taken it on the chin before - don't go all coy on us now. The last thing your career needs is for you to decide to become a Pee-Wee Herman-like p-p hermit...

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