Friday, August 02, 2002

THE GOOD THING ABOUT DYING? THE POSTHUMOUS AWARDS: Hey, getting into the plane with a coked-up pilot might turn out to be a smart career move for Aaliyah after all, judging by the nominations for the Soul Train - ahem - Lady of Soul Awards - certainly the Tragic Death must have helped bark up votes for the frankly disappointing Rock The Boat in the Soul or Rap song of the year category. Aaliyah managed to pull the second-highest number of nominations despite being dead for half the period covered (we can only assume Lisa Left Eye's death wasn't tragic enough) and is only beaten by Ashanti, who can't have hurt her votes by telling der spiegel how much she likes the thought of men "spicing up" their sex lives by looking at pictures of her in her skimpies. That, of course, is 'spicing up' as in 'pumping harder' and 'sex lives' as in 'right hand, pink marigold glove'.

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