Monday, August 12, 2002

I COLLECT, I REJECT - SPECIAL: We couldn't pass up the chance to mark twenty five years since that last fateful poo in Graceland, and - to acknowledge that nothing generates tasteless tat like a famous, bloated corpse - we present the top ten pieces of Elvis tat on ebay:
10. Elvis-Marilyn (or is it Geri Halliwell?) shopping bag
9. Singing and dancing Elvis telephone
8. Cast Iron Elvis doorstop
7. Elvis 'swinging hip' clock
6. Not one, not two, but five Elvis musical whiskey decanters - "empty, but can be filled"
5. A postcard that plays like a record
4. Elmo Elvis
3. A not inappropriate cookie jar - one hundred bucks worth?
2. An Elvis musical pop-up
and, at number one:
A photo taken in Elvis' bathroom on the day of his death. The seller points out how it is only a portion of the bedroom, but you can spot bottles of prescription medicines in it. It's what he would uh-huh-v'd wanted...

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