Thursday, August 29, 2002

IT'S NOT MY CHOICE: Here's a pretty story - howls of protest because the Radio 1 website lists Burn Out Da Chi Chi as one of Chris Goldfinger's top 10 tracks. Only, of course, it's a song about beating up a gay man. And when OutRage complained, not only did Radio 1 say the track had never been played, but it wasn't Goldfinger's choice anyway - indeed, the Top 10 tracks had just been made up by someone at the website. Whoops all round. Wonder if anyone at BBC Online even likes reggae, or if they just copy some tracks down at random?
What? Radio 1 DJs not choosing their own records? [MediaGuardian] - truly, we're returning to the golden Bates era...
That Urban Record Box listing - "last updated by Jo Roach" presumably a claim of authorship rather than administration

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