Wednesday, August 07, 2002

JUST FANCY THAT!:"I said to her, what's your competitive advantage? [...] You write every one of your songs - you're a great writer. So why did you stray from your competitive advantage? If you have this magnificent voice and you write such compelling songs,[...] why are you using all these collaborations [with other artists and other songwriters]? " Def Jam boss, Lyor Cohen, FT, yesterday
"The album features Carey writing and co-producing with such A-list producers as Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Jermaine Dupri among others." Universal Belguim Press release, yesterday
"They signed the deal just a matter of weeks prior to bringing the album to market - it doesn't feel like enough time" - Lyor Cohen, yesterday
"MonarC Music/Island Records is set to release Mariah Carey's new studio album [...]  The Japanese release date is November 27, 2002 [... Carey] signed to the Universal Music Group's Island Records in May 2002." - same press release, or, as Hollywood Reporter put it: "UMG HITS FAST-TRACK KEY FOR CAREY'S COMEBACK "

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