Friday, August 16, 2002

MAKING YOUR HONOUR'S MIND UP: As if the prospect of an end to the long running Courtney Court sagas isn't disappointing enough, that other Jarndyce versus Jarndyce of the music industry - David Van Day and Bobby Gee's battle for the soul of the name Bucks Fizz - has also been settled. The two parties have come to an out of court deal whereby Bobby G will still be Buck's Fizz, and David Van Day will be touring under the name 'David Van Day's Bucks Fizz Style Musical Entertainment' or something.
What you might not know, of course, is that Jay Aston is currently touring under the name Aston.
Peace at last [BBC] - we could never understand why Bobby Gee didn't just drag Therese Bazar out of retirement and tour her round as Dollar?

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