Monday, August 05, 2002

MOTE, BEAM CONFUSION: Okay, we're probably as guilty as anyone at rattling sticks along the cage of Modern Pop Music and poking fun at the monkeys inside. We're entitled, right, 'cause we've read fanzines and bought flexidiscs and, dammit, fought in the CD wars, we did. Ronan Keating slagging off bands as forgettable, however? Geniusboy reckons that Hear'say sounds as if "they've just been put together" - woo, Ronan, you genius - you know, I think you could be right. If only the act of their being manufactured had somehow been caught on camera and broadcast on television, then the people would have seen. And we'd be so much better off it wasn't for acts just being put together by svengalis - Ronan, you wouldn't happen to know the bloke behind that Westlife group, would you? Could you have a word with him? Get that sorted.
'It's a joke' [Ananova] - also condemns Atomic Kitten songs as 'forgettable', apparently not noticing that they're two decades old and going strong...

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