Monday, August 19, 2002

NEW RELEASES TODAY: Some returns can be wonderful - such as making us fall with joy upon the reactivated Mudhoney and since we've become translucent, cool though the critical reception has been. Other returns make us shudder - what were UB40 thinking of when they produced the fathers of reggae - getting the greats to cover their Brum-dump-dub tunes? It's like offering William Shakespeare a part in the Kiss Me Kate chorus, isn't it? The Get Up Kids drop copies of on a wire off at the shops, while death has not stopped a new Eva Cassidy album - though its debatable if imagine is anything more than some funeral cold cuts. People who polish their cars will be delighted at the opportunity to turtle wax away to Toploader's magic hotel; if the thought of drinking wax seems more attractive, there's always the Liars' they threw us in a trench...

In a quiet week for back catalogue, another Fall gets a chance at the afterlife, with dragnet, Imperial Teen give you a chance to play on and ponder exactly whatever did happen to them, and a slew of Replacements (... take the trash out) and pretty things (parachute) pad out the list.

Don't buy the tide is high by Atomic Kitten, for so many reasons. Celine Dion rubs it in that I'm alive, offering no apology or explanation. For singles you can cheerfully purchase, try Guided By Voices' back to the lake or Cornershop's staging.

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