Wednesday, August 28, 2002

SCORE! You'd have thought that the recentism that marbles through the results of most 100 Greatest Polls wouldn't be a problem with listeners to Classic FM, but they've managed to pull off the equivalent of Robbie Williams as Top Briton in the 30 Greatest Movie Scores poll. The Lord of the Rings came in first, edging out Star Wars, which just seems all wrong to us.
While we're moaning about Lord of the Rings, we were disgusted to see huge piles of the Video and DVD for sale in Boots the other week - now, Boots decided to close down its Boots Audio department, and banish music and videos from its stores forever. This hurt us, especially since a copy of Parallel Lines slipped inside that blue and purple psych-drug man bag (biodegradable, natch) was the start of our record buying lifetime, but still, you make the choice.
But then to turn round and start knocking out individual video titles because they're popular just sucks. Phrases like 'cherrypicking' and 'bastard' form on our tongues. If you're not prepared to carry lots of stock, fuck off and leave the profitable titles to stores who are happy to use the cash cows to underwrite a wider range of titles.

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