Wednesday, August 28, 2002

SEP'VEN CONTROV: Cam'Ron's mate Santana has been attempting to explain his rap in honour of mass murderer Omar Atta. In a curious echo of that bloke from Slipknot's wheedling when he said Hitler was alright, Santana, apparently we're just misunderstanding this lyric: "I worship the prophet/The great Mohammed Omar Atta/For his courage behind the wheel of the plane/Reminds me when I was dealin' the 'caine."
Got that? Now, poor little Santana is all wide eyed and upset that people are 'willfully misinterpreting' his lyric:
"I never said I worshipped him, I said I worshipped his courage," he said. "It had nothing to do with 9/11 or me supporting them because I know people in the towers too. If you really listen to the song it was talking about that and the whole situation.
"No matter what anybody says, that was courage right there. If anybody wants to say I worship them, well I know how I feel - I don't worship them. I don't appreciate anything they ever did. I'm not with them, not 1%, not 2% not 10% but I've looked in the dictionary and I've defined the word courage."

Hmmm, now even if you do believe Omar was brave rather than mentally ill to an astonishingly dangerous degree (or, perhaps, evil), you don't have to be that bright to see that praising his "bravery" in crashing a plane full of people into a building full of people to kill the maximum number of people is also an act of extreme selfishness, callousness and brutality, and only a cold-hearted moron would assume it's in any way possible to hymn the "courage" without lauding the act. There are any number of people who've done brave things for their people; selecting a cowardly plane hijacker suggests you're just looking to create a buzz. We can't wait to watch it blow up in your face.
Self-immolation might be brave; mass murder - not so [NME] - your heroes suck

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