Thursday, August 29, 2002

SESSION CESSATION: So, as we mentioned in passing in Pop Papers, and as the BBC have confirmed, the Evening Session is being axed, chopped, tossed aside, removed and scorched from the schedules. Interesting to see in the BBC News Online slot that the programme is described as being seen as a safe haven for guitar music away from "dance and pop sounds" - clearly, of course, there's no need for that now, then, is there?
The good news is that Lamacq Live will continue (for a while at least); the bad news is that the replacement for the show hasn't been announced yet - but with Peel now being shunted back after midnight to make way for 1Xtra simulcasting fun on Tuesdays, the idle listener might suspect that the nation's favourite is planning on shifting its support for music-on-the-fringes into a less significant place.
The main problem is why there's a need to axe the show altogether - now, it might be that the new programme does much the same as the Evening Session, and its forerunner Night-time Radio One (home of Kid Jensen and Janice Long) does; but just as the Evening Session diluted the Night-time formula (instead of two sessions every night, just one new one a week spread across the days), we're guessing that any elements designed to placate the likes of us will be even further denuded.
A BBC spokesperson says they're "very excited" about the new show, but there's no word of what its going to be, or do.
It might be an inspirational show offering a platform to the next generations of Oasis, Radiohead, Blur, Idlewild and Doves. But we remain to be convinced - recent Radio One innovations have tended more towards the vapid and giggly, and if the show's format is such that the ridiculously gaunt Lammo isn't the right person to present it, it's unlikely it'll be that interested in music at all. We hope we're proved wrong.
If they stop creating sessions, what will 6Music have to pad its schedules in 2008?

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