Monday, August 26, 2002

A SINNER REPENTS: There's a bit in the Bible, we're lead to believe, about how God is happier to see a sinner repent than a person who's been good and pious his whole life. Which sort of strikes us as odd - God really gets more satisfaction out of someone heeding his words after they've left a trail of rape, pillage, drunkeness and albums like Magic Hotel in their wake, rather than without them causing misery and suffering to others to get there? Curious chap, isn't he? Anyway, God - if he takes an interest in internet spammage - will be delighted at the mea culpa sent round by Masters of the Obvious, or MOTO as they called themselves in their long reign of spam terror. As far was we know they have nothing to do with Moto, the erstwhile Granada motorway service areas - although the reliance on spam may be connected. (Only joking, Moto - we know the quality restaurants besides the motorways use only the highest-quality cheap ingredients...) MOTO the band suddenly realised they were spamming, and so sent an (albeit cross-posted) apology for their over-enthusiastic behaviour. Blimey.
As a small reward for that, we'll mention they have MP3 downloads available online. We really can't vouch for their quality or otherwise - we're not as forgiving as God, and associate the name solely with having to highlight huge blocks of identical mails - but they're there if you want to look.

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