Monday, August 12, 2002

THAT OZZY CAN LAUGH AT HIMSELF, CAN'T HE?: Erm... apparently not. If you were feeling a spot of sympathy for Mr O at being sued by someone who claims they thought of the idea of his life first, worry not - the supposed God of Rock isn't above a spot of self-important legal weight-throwing himself. Harry Enfield has just been on the receiving end of a stiff letter from Ozzy plc, warning him against including any characters based on Ozzy "or any of the Osbourne family" in the series Enfield is currently making for the BBC.
What makes it worse and more perplexing is that Enfield's working on an adaptation of Private Eye's Celeb strip, that was running back when Mani from the Primals looked human. Maybe the Celeb writers Peattie & Taylor should send a letter to ozzy warning him against stealing Gary Bloke's routine...
Next, it'll be cease & desist letters to Spinal Tap [Independent] - don't worry, Ozzy - Gary Bloke is meant to still actually be selling records...

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