Tuesday, August 27, 2002

WHO RECORD SHOPS ON BANK HOLIDAY MONDAYS? Look, we're just going to do a quick rinse and spin on the new releases, since all you kids just download them and then go out and buy commercial pirated versions anyway. A rush of blood to the head, or what Coldplay did next, is to Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the deaf, as Angels with dirty faces by Sugababes is to Snap's best of. And, of course, as Ms Dynamite's A little deeper (now out on vinyl) is to Daniel Beddingfield's Gotta get thru this. Is it just us, or is it always a bad sign when the album is named after an almost forgotten single?. The money left over in your big holiday pot would be better invested in Stiff Little Finger's Peel Sessions album.

Singles, on the other hand, are a veritable Ambassador's gathering of spoilment. Envy from Ash and Beany bean by ooberman come lately to the market, joining Dy-na-mite-ee from Miss Dynamite and action, the triumphant return of Saint Etienne. And in any normal week, Princess Superstar's Keith n me would be on the highest platform in the kingdom, covered in garlands, but Golden Boy and Miss Kittin have got Rippin Kittin out, which frankly is The Greatest Record Ever (note: may be subject to change at some point soon).

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