Wednesday, October 23, 2002

CAN YOU NOT TAKE A HINT?: Frankly, Napster is starting to become the Rolling Stones of the dotcom world, and doesn't know when its best to just take a bow and leave the stage. Billboard is reporting that "the troubled music swapping service" ([c] every journalist, ever) has got a USD200,000 loan approved which will allow it to limp on for a few more weeks before someone else buys up the assets of the company - which must surely by now consist solely of three Penitum II computers and a file marked "Grumpy letters from Lars." Look, we loved Napster, every little bit of it, and it was fun. But now we're at the stage where it's like having to admit you need to put your parents in a home. Accept it - napster's place is on the Wayback machine, not in the future.

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