Thursday, October 31, 2002

THE COOL RIPOSTE: The NME's 50 Coolest people in rock list has actually done exactly what it was intended to, and got people talking about the paper for the first time since, oh, I dunno, the three dots got droppped. Under the headline "White Wing?" the normally excellent PlayLouder seems to blame Jack White for the mainly caucasian line-up of the fifty, and then goes on to report ("copy uncredited straight from the news pages of the nme") that the Stripes appeared on that SNL with "Senator John McCain" - why does that bother you, Playlouder? Does a guest appearance on a show with a random host mean that you're taken as endorsing that person's political stance? Does this mean that everyone who went on This Morning embraces rape and "No means you'll have to use a bit of physical persuasion?" Of course not. We bet you don't even know anything about John McCain, and his policies, do you? And what's with the payoff "This follows their recent Nissan sponsorship", as if that's the final piece of evidence? It might not have been too smart to share a stage with McCain - but anyone who knows Saturday Night Live knows that the host is usually little more than a stooge anyway; the closest role in British Televisual Life is the seat next to Paul Merton on HIGNFY?; and while, yes, taking money from a big corporation is a bit of a shame, it's not like they've ever been claiming to be Moby, is it? Certainly none of this justifies the tag of "in-bred, racist hillbillys (sic)."
More fun at the Top 50's expense can be had over at's disseminated quiz.

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