Sunday, October 20, 2002

FUN IN THE GOOGLE RETURNS: Bearing in mind that it's merely been added to scrape some undeserved publishing money, we think there's something more Freudian than mis-spelled in the search for "The Tide Is High (Get The Filling) Atomic Kitten." We know nothing about "Rhett Miller + Model Wife" - although we're curious, and equally our interest is piqued by '"Chris Martin"+"George Bush"+"TV Interview"' - that's gonna be one dull-ass episode of Leno, isn't it? Then theres 'Justin Timberlake is always linked to African-American women', which comes as news to us - Britney's obviously not been telling us something. "Sexy pictures of Atomic Kitten girls in school uniforms" is probably one request too far; "Pictures of Dave Haslam dj" is a lot more wholesome, we'd assume, although maybe the searcher was hoping the former Debris and Hacienda bloke would be wearing a gymslip as well. And, finally, a quick hint for the clothing industry - there's a massive gap for Shakira tshirts in the market, it seems...

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