Tuesday, October 29, 2002

THE MUSIC FOOD CHAIN: Pink complains about being compared to Britney; The Donnas complain about being compared to Pink. We love The Donnas, of course, but it's a bit rich to have a pop at Pink for not being very real in a context where they chose new label Atlantic because "the girls decided to make the jump when Atlantic allowed them free reign to record their own material and play their own instruments -- something other major label offers didn't include." This just seems incredible to us - we thought that we couldn't be surprised at how little understanding the US music industry had about music, but that all but one label would have signed the Donnas, and then forced them into singing other people's songs over other people's music. What, exactly, would the point of that have been? It'd be like hiring Michealangelo to do colouring-in. Obviously there must be some people in the US music industry with some common sense; we'll keep looking and if we come across them, we'll let you know...

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