Monday, October 21, 2002

THIS HOUSE BELIEVES...: Hilary is coming, Hilary is coming... proving they'll let any old sod turn up at the Oxford Union these days, the Oxford Union (who like to call themeselves 'The most famous debating society in the World' (the UN might have something to say about that), are spending Thursday night considering the proposition that "this house believes that the free music mentality is a threat to the future of music." The line-up for the proposition is Hilary Rosen of the RIAA, Jay Berman of the IFPI, Chris Wright of Chrysalis and, um, Bruce Dickinson. Taking the other side is Ronnie Gurr - who signed the Stereophonics to V2, so he'll be looking to try and make ammends; Nick King of Nielsen (setting up "nicking music" gags) and Chuck D. We're slightly concerned to see that Chuck - who, as a member of Public Enemy fears their presence in Europe would put their fans at risk - doesn't seem worried that this appearance might put the braying hordes of Oxford's brightest in danger.
We're disappointed to see that Dickinson's swallowing the record industry line - what is it about heavy metal acts and the need to crush the life out of music lovers? (Maybe that question answers itself, come to think of it). Bruce clearly must believe that the reason Iron Maiden hasn't sold any records in the last ten years is down to the invention of the PC.
We're hoping MP3s of the debate will be available almost instantly.

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