Thursday, November 07, 2002

AGAIN, MOBY IS LIKE ANTI-MIDAS FOR GOOD CAUSES: No Rock is vegetarian, and has been for over a decade. But when we see the humourless approach of Moby to Butterball's turkey line, it makes us wish we weren't more than the thickest piece of oak-smoked bacon frying next to wild mushrooms on a hungover winter morning. See, if Moby was suggesting that, taking Butterball at their word, people ring up with amusing turkey questions, that would be funny. But, no, Moby wants us to ring up and hector Butterball instead. A dull, joyless approach that's doomed to fail. They'll hear "There is no correct..." and terminate the call. Whereas faced with a call like "Is there anyway to cook the turkey using chocolate?", they'll not know if its genuine or not, and have to parade through an answer...

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