Friday, November 01, 2002

LIZZY THROWS MISSY HISSY: Apparently, the Queen is upset that one of the places where she spends our cash on bangles, beads and baubles has used Missy Elliot in an advertising campaign. It turns out the idea to use her probably came from Jade Jagger, whose charged by Gerrards with trying to update their image. You can see why Jade would be the person to take a company away from relying on their royal warrant for publicity - Jade isn't the sort of person to support a system where people get richly rewarded purely on the basis of who their parents are, after all.
Lets hope none of this ends up in court - wouldn't it be awful if one and a half million quid, to pluck a figure out the air, got spent on a court case which collapses because the Queen was going to be called as a witness... oh, hang on, we think this piece may be turning into being about something else.

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