Tuesday, November 05, 2002

OOH, LOOK - THE LAST PIECE OF SYMPATHY JUST EVAPORATED: Is it possible to get those guys to go back and finish the job? Peterborough United Football Club are getting grief from Victoria Beckham because they're trying to use the nickname they've had since the first world war (yes, Victoria, there's been two of them). Peterborough - the original Posh - have received an objection from the woman who makes Steve Lamacq look tubby to their trademarking of the name, on the grounds that "posh" has been used in connection with her for all of five years. Does the daft bint not realise that people called her Posh as a gentle term of abuse, because "Embarassing Middle Class Social Climber In The Style of Margot from The Good Life But Without The Taste Spice" was too much of a mouthfull?

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