Monday, November 04, 2002

SOMEONE STILL LOVES WHITNEY: She might have been having a slightly Carey time what with the drugs and the career slump and the Bobby Brown business, but the Washington Post reckons that someone still has a soft spot for Whitney Houston. Saddam Hussein made I Will Always Love You his campaign song for his recent election, powering him to a 100% share of the 100% turnout. Of course, we'd take this report with a pinch of salt - the Bush White House has tried many ways to discredit Saddam - pointing to his use of gas against his own people, claiming he has weapons of mass destruction, constantly running that film of his firing the rifle in the air without ensuring that he won't have someone's eye out. Perhaps trying to make people think that he inflicts such a cruel and unusual track on his people is just part of the parade of disinformation coming from Washington.
Next week: Osama Bin Laden "uses 'Simply The Best' at outrage planning meetings, claim aides."

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