Monday, March 10, 2003

"What if the public want you to be the first person to pack her bags and head back home?
'Someone's got to be the first off and if I am, then so be it' says Sonia - as likeable, nice and reasonable as ever"
Here comes the Son, Liverpool Echo, March 1st
"Sonia has quit Reborn In The USA after the first show — and flown back to Britain in tears.
Viewers saw the singer looking shell-shocked on Saturday when a New Orleans audience voted for her as one of their two least favourite acts.
Scouser Sonia, 32 — who sang The Greatest Love Of All — was so upset she fled to her motel room and locked herself in before booking the next flight home.
British viewers will decide whether Sonia or Dollar duo David Van Day and Thereza Bazar are axed from the show.
But Sonia is said to have decided she won’t be returning whatever the phone vote result.
A source said: 'It’s bad enough being branded a has-been — but it’s very embarrassing to be the worst of the lot.'"
Sonia Does A TV Runner, The Sun, March 10th

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