Monday, March 24, 2003

AVRIL CONSISTENT: Lavigne tells Elle Girl this month she doesn't like being considered the 'anti-Britney':
Because I was so different, I became the 'anti.'  But I don't like that term.  I think it's very mean.  Every time she sees that, 'anti-Britney,'  you know what that must do to her?
"I may not like her music or her image.  but I've heard that she's really cool and nice. When I'm working on 40 minutes of sleep and going nuts, I think about her.  She's everywhere and she's been doing this for a long time, and I think, Britney Spears, damn!  And I..."
Admire her?
"I don't want to say that I admire her.  I respect her.  It takes a lot of work and it's her, all by herself.  And, meanwhile, she just broke up with her world-famous boyfriend and the fallout's been everywhere, and she has no personal life.  I can't imagine how she's getting through it.  She must be a really strong person."

Let's leave aside the fact that little miss write all my own songs thinks that 'admire' and 'respect' mean different things, and instead, let's consider what Avril told chart attack a while back:
""I mean, the way she dresses — would you walk around the street in a fuckin' bra?" she asks rhetorically. "I'm not trying to dis anyone, but with me, the clothes I wear onstage are the clothes I would wear to school or go shopping. I'm not gonna go up onstage and dress different. Britney Spears goes up onstage and dresses like a showgirl. She's not being herself up there because she's dancing like a ho. Is she ho? She says she's a virgin. Y'know, it's just not clicking. She's doing one thing and saying another thing, y'know? It's definitely not what I'm going to do."
Now, she does concede that she's said some "stuff" about Britney in the past, and that she has a problem "with the whole sex thing", but what does this actually mean, then? That she thinks Britney Spears is a whore, but a really, really hard working whore? That she thinks Britney is to be respected for the energy she brings to being a terrible role model for young women? Or could it be that, as we've suspected, Avril doesn't own a single thought that's ever completed an entire journey from occuring to her to being fully-formed?

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