Monday, March 24, 2003

FRITWATCH: A guide to the stars deluded enough to believe they're targets, weak enough to pull the dates
Matchbox 20 have axed their European tour - not because of fears about themselves, of course, but - hey - they don't want to put their fans at risk by making them come out and see them when there's a war on. Meanwhile, the World Music Awards is being put back until October, partly because they know nobody's going to turn up at a time like this, but mainly because they've realised that all-important 3 am Thursday Morning slot on ITV has been pretty much block-booked by ITN for the duration. The Eagles and Fleetwood Mac took the decision to hold back the release of tickets for their US tours by a week - inappropriate to do something like flog rock tickets when people are preparing for combat, apparently; selling them while troops are actually being shot in the head by Iraqis doesn't seem to be so much of a problem - we reckon its a case of 'the blanket coverage will be over by then.'

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