Sunday, May 11, 2003

BOOK, ALBUM AND CANDLE: We wonder if Suede's decision to publish an official story has been influenced by the John Harris Britpop book The Last Party, in which Brett plays rather a large and slighlty oily part? Whatever, the official book is going to be put together by - says a Suede official mailout - "author David Barnett, who has worked at the heart of the Suede organisation for 8 years." So, that's going to be someone who'll be happy to bite the hand which has poured the Lassie Meaty Chunks into his bowl for the best part of a decade then. We expect there will be some heroin revelations, but we'd imagine that if Brett ever believed his penis to be the King of France and spent four nights puking into his underpants, we'll not be getting the full picture. Nevertheless, David is promising much for the work: "it's going to make 'No One Here Gets Out Alive' look like Enid Blyton." he says. Although he does seem to be having some problems, as the same mailout begs anyone who's got any memories or stories to send an email to him to help out. We wouldn't be as childish to suggest you sent him emails saying "While camping on summer hols, Brett and Richard stumbled on an abandoned castle, where tyre marks suggested someone had recently been by...". And certainly "Bernard had a massive row with Brett. He was so very, very cross he played his guitar quite loud. And then got into his little car and drove across poptown to see his new friend McAlmont...." isn't the sort of thing they're after.
Anyway: new album of all the singles ("greatest hits") to come soon. The candle was merely a headline device.

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