Thursday, May 22, 2003

HANG ABOUT... THEY DATED: Eminem's apparent threat to use answering machine messages left by Mariah Carey on his answering machine when they were dating has caused Mariah to come over all hissy - 'He'll get into a lot of trouble with my lawyers. It's childish. It's like I'm in a cat fight. He's a little girl" pouts Mariah, before proving she's above all that by sticking her tongue out, pulling Eminem's hair and calling him a stinky poo.
What we love about this is the carcrash that is the news that not only did Eminem date Carey - older readers will remember her as a kind of unwashed Jennifer Lopez - but that he's quite prepared to bring the fact to wider attention. Nixing Weird Al and boasting about having seen Mariah's silky drawers. You're rapidly depleting your goodwill stocks. We know that Mariah - who right now is clinging to any passing publicity she can muster - has her own reasons for banging on about it, but... Eminem, Emmy, Slim Boy... what you do with your own life is up to you. But if you must date dimwitted publicitywhores like Carey, please keep it quiet. And wipe the bloody messages.
Interestingly, on the same page, Fred Durst is still trying to remind us that he dated Britney - "I have answering machine messages of her saying the f-word" says Fred, as if the thought of Britney swearing is going to shock us any harder than the thought of her standards being so low that she'd date a sweaty fat bloke in Bart Simpson's cap. We know the album date is slipping further and further back, Fred, but perhaps if you spent some time working on the bloody thing rather than trying to keep your band's profile up, it might have been on sale by now. If the record company lets it go out.

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