Friday, May 16, 2003

MATHS IN ACTION: Being the all-consuimg egoists we are, we were delighted to see Ben at Silent Words adopting our mathematical formula for the moment bands become irredeemable, and applying it to Muse, with particular reference to their taking a Nina Simone song and giving it to Nestles for an advert.
Now, because we like KitKats and Alta Rica coffee, we'd be on slightly dodgy ground to condemn Muse simply for working with Nestle on moral grounds. But the point here, of course, is that A Lot of People do have a big beef with the baby milk sister company of the coffee maker, and it's not like this is the first time there's been controversey over Nescafe's invovlement with supposedly socially aware bands. Just from a PR point of view, it was an incredibly stupid thing for Muse to do. And if you can't rely on Muse to be smart, you have to ask what they're actually for.
We are quite excited by our theory, though - it explains, of course, how PJ Harvey can allow her music to be used by T-Mobile and remain unscathed, while Gay Dad's flogging of Joy to that godawful car advert ensures that they will rot in some sort of band-hell-netherworld forevermore.

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