Thursday, May 15, 2003

NOT MANY GAY MEN HAVE EVER WON EUROVISION: Or so it would seem by the torrents of bitterness being poured out by former winners of the event. Katrina, out of Katrina and the Waves says its like a dog relieving itself in the corner of the room and dismisses it as 'crap' - she claims not to have heard of the contest before entering (hmm, a woman so familiar with the fine print of British Culture she was able to sing about UB40s, and yet unaware of Eurovision - and, presumably, Abba?), but even this doesn't prevent us from asking if it's such a pile of crap, what would you call an entrant that comes on the top of the pile?
Even more mind-blowingly, someone from the Brotherhood of Man says "It's become very boring. It's become mundane." Which has caused something of a logjam in the mote, beam, kettle and black department.

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